Between Rock and an Indie Place: “Talk a Lot” by SALES

SALES jumped into my indie rock playlist in 2016 with the release of their self-titled debut LP. They’re the kind of band that I could listen to while casually doing homework, because the beats and vocals are just soft enough to be chill but also still upbeat enough to be considered rock music. SALES is the epitome of coffee-table-wine-on-a-Wednesday-night type of music.

According to their bio on Spotify, SALES is described as “[creating] low-key but engaging music that marries lo-fi sensibility to a spare but evocative melodic approach.” The dynamic duo consists of Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih, who (anecdote) first met when they took the same Latin class in high school. Who ever said Latin is a dead language? By listening to their music, I get the feeling that the two of them are very much on the same page; perhaps, they have an inseparable musical bond.

A few months ago, in September, SALES released a new single titled “Talk a Lot.” And, well, they’ve done it again. The beat on the single, made by electronic drums, is very catchy, and Lauren’s vocals give off a cool, laid-back vibe. Their tone is sort of similar to that of Lorde, whereas Lauren is singing about the average teenage hipster’s experience in the states. It’s the kind of song I wouldn’t be surprised to hear playing in an H&M or an indie bookstore.

Based upon the opening lyrics, I would assume that this song is about going shopping with a group of pals.

“Your friends they seem to talk a lot.
You know I’m not that type.
Just pull-up in your shopping cart—
Just throw it all in there, it’s fine.”

When I listen to this song, I almost want to get a group of my high school friends together and go loiter at an outdoor mall. Being twenty-two, I definitely get a strong nostalgic feeling from SALES’ music.

If you have been keeping up with the indie rock bands that I have blogged about thus far, you will notice that there is an extreme lack of diversity. Of course, this is not intentional at all. Unfortunately, there are no studies to cite here, but it seems like the majority of indie rock bands out there are comprised primarily of white dudes. Seeing as how I too am a white dude, perhaps it sociologically makes sense that I would be drawn toward this type of music.

Interestingly enough, SALES is comprised of Morgan — who is a white woman — and Shih —who is an Asian man. I figured this was worth noting since that type of diversity isn’t something the indie rock scene is used to seeing. Although, in that sense, SALES is somewhat representative of contemporary U.S. art in general. We are quite the melting pot, and I hope this country continues to be that way because I think that is a large factor that makes our art (film, literature, music, etc.) so awesome.

I’m so happy that these two got together to make really awesome music. Sorry to have gotten a little bit political towards the end there, but I just think that keeping multiculturalism in mind is so important in today’s day and age. Anyway, SALES is fantastic, and you should all go listen to their new single, “Talk a Lot.”

— Noah Slowik, Music Blogger & Fiction Editor

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