Between Rock and an Indie Place: “Quiet Ferocity” by The Jungle Giants

I’m writing this entry in the dead of November, and the bitter cold is really starting to set in. I find myself reminiscing over an album that came out last summer from hands down one of my all-time favorite indie rock bands. Quiet Ferocity by The Jungle Giants is 41 minutes straight of upbeat techno music that will make me want to get up and dance on even the dreariest of autumn days. I have much love and respect for this four-piece band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

They proclaim in their Spotify bio that Quiet Ferocity “combines the signature melodic arrangements of their first album with the percussion-laden production of their second and catapults them into a sonic stratosphere that is entirely their own sound.” After spending a solid amount of time over the past week with this album, I honestly couldn’t agree more with this statement. With this latest release, I believe that The Jungle Giants have really hit their stride as a band and have found themselves in their music.

I absolutely love the innocent garage-rock sound that they were going for on their 2013 album, Learn to Exist. That album has a special place in my heart, as it simply caters perfectly to my musical aesthetic. The Jungle Giants actually have really defined for me what it means to be indie rock through that album. In stark contrast, their 2015 album, Speakerzoid, presented fans with practically an entirely different band. Many of the songs on that album fall into the genre of straight-up techno. I think the album was tastefully done, but it just wasn’t really my cup of tea.

For fans, this new album presents the best of both Jungle Giants worlds in one. It is the perfect love child between their new techno sound and their true indie rock roots. In addition to their buoyant instrumentals, they have lyrics that really demand your attention. Take, for example, the chorus of what is definitely going to be one of their hits, “Feel the Way I Do,”

“I know you feel the way I do
‘cause there ain’t nobody else like us out here,
and there ain’t nothing you can do,
but feel the way I feel too.”

They also have a super awesome music video to go along with this song which you could watch on their YouTube channel. It features a space person who throws a house party in a cabin in the woods with a rug and a cardboard box that come to life. Could it get any more lit?

The song that really sticks out on this album to me as superior to the rest is “On Your Way Down.” It is the first track on the ten song album — a number which I think to be the perfect amount songs on any album, by the way (not too many, not too few) — and it really sets the mood for the rest of the tracks. I am not usually the disco type, but this song makes me want to get out there on the dance floor and get funky with it.

I will definitely be looking out for this Australian band the next time they come on tour to the States. I am for sure trying to lose my shit at one of their shows because, based on this album, they seem to have a lot of fun making music that they want people to dance to. The Jungle Giants have really created a unique techno-indie-rock hybrid in Quiet Ferocity, and I am eager to see where the band takes their identity from here.

— Noah Slowik, Fiction Editor & Music Blogger

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