Casual Critics: Bigger and Better – A Review of “Kong: Skull Island”

I would never have considered myself a King Kong fan, but that instantly changed once I finished watching Kong: Skull Island. Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ 2017 reboot of the iconic, towering gorilla-beast contains more action and adventure than anyone could have expected.

In my opinion, this film brought the full package and more. Whether it was the fantastic special effects showing a skyscraper-sized monkey eating a cruise ship-sized squid, or the prefect ensemble of co-stars, or even the engaging story itself — every aspect of Kong had me submerged in the mystical world of Skull Island, the place where Kong is King.

The special effects of this film are superior to those of any movie that I have seen in quite some time. As the saying goes, one must “see it to believe it.” Although that may sound cliché, it could not be more genuine when pertaining to this particular piece. The dazzling precision of angles, sounds, and colors make this film intriguing and easy to enjoy.

In addition, Kong: Skull Island brings together a wonderful cast, which gives life to a wide range of vibrant personalities. Consequently, the film is able to connect a broad spectrum of tastes, especially at the comedic end, with stars such as Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilley leading the way.

Overall, the plot seems to flow accordingly, without the unnecessary interruptions or distractions sometimes found in remake films. The problem with some remakes are that they tend to focus too much on the quantity of the material, rather than the assemblage of it. In contrast, every shot in Kong: Skull Island is a shot not wasted and, therefore, your money will not be wasted either.

— Donatas Ružys, Film Blogger

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