Artist’s Portfolio: Larissa Barnat

Found below is a collection of stunning art from Larissa Barnat, a Lewis University student we’re incredibly happy to feature here. The series, entitled “Disorientation,” effectively shows off her vast talent. We’ve interlaced Larissa’s bio and process piece between the ten hand-picked oil paintings we’ve highlighted in this post. See for yourself the wonderful artistry of this young talent.

Larissa Barnat
Larissa Barnat

Larissa Barnat’s Bio:

Larissa currently studies painting and graphic design as a double major at Lewis University.

A Shot in Space
“A Shot in Space”

Along with her participation as a photographer for events at the University, her art has shown in solo exhibitions as well. These exhibitions include: The Gaylord Building in Lockport, The Caterpillar Gallery in Romeoville, and The Reavis Gallery in Burbank.

Candy Skies
“Candy Skies”

She currently has three drawings commemorating significant people from Lewis University and they are hung permanently in the History Department at the University.

"Cubist Killer"
“Cubist Killer”

On February 4, 2016, her photographs of The Joliet Prison were previously displayed in a solo exhibition spearheading an effort for restoration and reuse of the landmark. The exhibit closed in January, 2017, but several of these photographs are intended for future placement in a permanent exhibit at the museum.

"Deserted Dream"
“Deserted Dream”

Larissa was also invited to paint live at The President’s Circle Celebration in front of hundreds of people. In four hours she completed the painting with a deep understanding of painting medium, designing, process and application.

"Lock Screen"
“Lock Screen”

She plans on displaying future art in different galleries and painting a large scale mural.

Larissa Barnat’s Process:

Art and design start at the core of my life.

"Move Meant"
“Move Meant”

As an artist, passion and self-improvement motivates me.


Art that engages others with matters beyond the immediately visible acts as my strive.

"Sentimental Sinker"
“Sentimental Sinker”

My painting series titled “Disorientation,” seen here, serves as a purpose for a consistent collection that complements each other.


I anticipate upon creating art that displays a spark of inspiration for others.

"The Spaces Between"
“The Spaces Between”

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