Casual Critics – Inside the Mob Life: A Review of “The Godfather”

The Godfather, directed by revered filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, is a period drama that realistically depicts the hardships and misfortune associated with the Italian Mafia in the early twentieth century. Coppola’s film tells the fictional story of Vito Corleone and his endeavors as the head of an organized crime family in New York City.

The Godfather allows its audience to become transfixed in the secret, underground dealings of an extremely powerful crime organization that is built upon both trust and fear. However, maintaining this power does not seem to be a simple task, as the Corleone family faces the constant threat of other families who desire their fortune and supremacy. In addition to the film’s well-constructed plot, Coppola remarkably utilizes various film elements in order for the audience to better connect with the characters in an emotional manner. It’s the emotional appeal of The Godfather that makes it one of the greatest films of all time.

Similarly, the soundtrack of the film is both memorable and iconic. The main theme is a slow, violin composition that embodies the recurrent themes of love, despair, family, and Italian heritage. This recurring musical theme supplements the actions of the main characters throughout the film. As a result, the audience forms an emotional bond with a family that is involved in many criminal activities.


In addition to the soundtrack, Coppola’s use of lighting is another element that makes The Godfather a unique film experience. The play between light and dark helps to describe the hidden, internal characteristics of key individuals, as well as the motives behind their devious engagements. This immerses the audience within a distinctive setting that brilliantly manifests the true nature of life as a mobster.

Winner of three Oscars in 1973, The Godfather is a dramatic masterpiece. When someone suggests that you spend the time to view this film, remember, this is an “offer you can’t refuse.”

— Reno Stramaglia, Film Blogger

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