Artist’s Portfolio: Alex Turner

Found below is a collection of intriguing and enveloping paintings by Lewis University student Alex Turner. We’re ecstatic to feature his nine paintings, which we’ve interspersed throughout this post along with Turner’s bio and process piece.
Discover for yourself the awesome work of this young artist.

Alex Turner
Alex Turner

Alex Turner’s Bio:

Alex Turner is a senior graphic design major at Lewis University.

Portrait 451
“Portrait 451”

He is involved with being a team leader in Red Graphics (design club), the director of Harmonic Uprising (a cappella group), and the bass section leader in the chamber choir.


Furthermore, he previously participated in the 7th annual President’s Art Show, presented at the 2016 Celebration of Scholarship, and was published in the 2016 edition of Windows Magazine for winning 3rd place in the category of student visual art.


Alex Turner’s Process:

After having presented at the Spring 2016 Celebration of Scholarship on the properties and interactions of different materials in art, I have continued to explore my ideas and love for mixed media.

The Mire
“The Mire”

Experimenting with technique to produce new and interesting results is what I strive for as an artist.

"What You Sow"
“What You Sow”

Out of my love for interpretation I tend to create abstract pieces.

"Buried Below"
“Buried Below”

Being able to shape the outcome of a piece that is created without any clear intention, other than the idea of what materials to use, is incredibly rewarding. 

"Minotaur's Sacrifice"
“Minotaur’s Sacrifice”

Many of the pieces in this collection utilized fire as a key element; some more noticeable than others.


While there is a realized theme in each piece, something new can always be seen.

"Shadow Elf"
“Shadow Elf”

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