Artist’s Portfolio: Mervyn John

Found below is a collection of the vibrant, brilliant photography of Mervyn John, a Lewis University student we’re incredibly happy to feature here. We’ve interlaced John’s bio and process piece between the eight hand-picked photographs we’ve highlighted in this post. See for yourself the stunning artistry of this young talent.

Mervyn John
Mervyn John

Mervyn John’s Bio:

Mervyn John was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa, but his family moved to Jefferson City, Missouri in 2001, where he was raised.

Model: Kensi Henderson

John currently studies interactive media as his major, and minors in computer science at Lewis University. Along with his academic adventures at the university, John is a third-year athlete of the Men’s Track & Field team.

Model: Gabriella Castillo

He has always been a family-oriented individual, because his family has always been his biggest supporters and the basis of his love for photography. John began his early journey in photography during high school, where he was an active member of the yearbook committee.

Model: Gabriella Castillo

As his journey developed, photography became an outlet that he cannot live without. John hopes to work as a photographer for National Geographic after he graduates in 2018.

Mervyn John’s Process:

The ideas of the pictures I want to take spontaneously come to my head at random times or they are from pictures I see on the internet that I want to recreate.

Model: Koran Adams

Whenever I am taking pictures of my subjects, I imagine my eyes being an actual camera lens and always think ahead of what the picture will look like.

Model: Sydney Williams

I also try to get real emotions from my subjects by saying something strange which makes them laugh.

Model: Phoenix Smallwood

As for editing, it comes down to what I think people will find the most visually appealing — whether if it is in color or in black-and-white.

Model: Eden Hoogveld

Most of my sessions — if not all — are experiments. Whenever I take pictures, it is because I learned something new and want to try the process myself.

Model: Eden Hoogveld

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