Editor’s Notes #182

Image source: http://editorialiste.blogspot.com
Image source: http://editorialiste.blogspot.com

Good afternoon, blog readers! As the summer dragged on, I’m afraid the “weekly” Editor’s Notes updates got away from me a bit. Now that the fall is nearly upon us, and the new school year has begun at Lewis University, we have more posts for you to read and be excited about on the blog. Before I get to those, though, I want to highlight a few posts that went up over the summer.

In the last few weeks of summer, Michael Lane posted some truly superb reviews. Beginning all the way back in July, Michael reviewed Lights Out, Suicide Squad (want to know if he liked it?), and the Netflix smash-hit Stranger Things. More recently, he has also reviewed a video game called Inside and the recent film Don’t Breathe.

Now, onto our September posts!

Returning in his “Basement Dwelling” series, music blogger Dan Fiorio reviewed My Woman, the new album from Angel Olson. We also had a new installment of the Jet Fuel Jukebox, this one focusing on the defining tunes of the summer. In addition, Hayley Renison continued her “Poetic Playlist” by analyzing the song “Morning in America” by Jon Bellion.

If you’re ready to leave summer behind and look ahead to the new season, there’s a new Jet Fuel Jukebox ready and waiting for you to discover. Michael Lane has recently reviewed one of his favorite films, Mean Creek, and a movie that wasn’t so much his favorite, Blair Witch. And Bree Scott, a new Assistant Blog Editor, reviewed Grave of Fireflies.

In recent weeks, we have featured some selections from the chapbooks of several Jet Fuel Review editors. You can read some amazing work from Sabrina Parr’s Letters to the Girl Forged from Glass and Gold and Sarah Ford’s Perversions & Saplings. This is some truly wonderful writing from a few of our own, so be sure to check it out!

Last week saw the return of our “Meet the Editors” series. Be sure to check out the latest posts to learn about Olivia Radakovich, a copyeditor and fiction editor for the Jet Fuel Review, and Ashley McCann, a former Jet Fuel volunteer.

As a final note, I want to remind everyone that the current Jet Fuel Review reading period is open and will remain open until October 15. If you’re interested in submitting your work, there’s no time to lose!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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