Editor’s Notes #180

Before I begin, I want to remind everyone that Issue #11 of the Jet Fuel Review is now available for your reading pleasure. Be sure to check out the fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art that we featured in this latest installment of the Review. You can even download an eBook version of the issue to read on the beach!

The month of May is always a time of transition here at the Jet Fuel Review. Of course, it means the end of the school year, so many of our editors and bloggers leave campus and take a break from the blog. As we transition into the warmer months of the year (at long last), let’s take a look back at some recent blog posts.

If you’re feeling a bit shaky about your writing abilities, as I have been lately, check out my advice posts on conquering self-doubt and when to stop writing. And if you’re taking a break from writing, you may want to read some poetry. We’ve featured several poems here on the blog, including Death Gets into the Suburbs by Michelle Boisseau, Thick Description by Eleanor Chai, The Doubles by Kara van de Graaf, and The Interrogation by Amit Majmudar.

We have various options available if you’re looking for listening material rather than reading material. First, you can check out the Jet Fuel Jukebox compilations for May 3, May 10, May 17, and May 24. There’s plenty of new music there to check out. There have also been new episodes of the “Infinite Canvas” podcast, including one that announced a new era of the podcast.

Of course, we’ve also had lots of great review posts on the blog. Jake Johnson offered his opinions on Beyoncé’s sixth album, LemonadeDan Fiorio reviewed Radiohead’s latest release, A Moon Shaped Pool. Michael Lane has so far reviewed two movies from director Jeremy Saulnier — Murder Party and Blue Ruin. In her continued analysis of songs as poetry, Haley Renison has written posts about “I Need My Girl” (The National), “Soma” (The Strokes), and “Modern Jesus” (Portugal. The Man).

Finally, a student feature that offered three perspectives on the film Snowpiercer. Lewis University students Sarah George, Endi Kajtezovic, and Phil Siddu each offered their thoughts on the intriguing film.

As always, stay tuned for more blog posts!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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