Editor’s Notes #171

Happy Sunday, blog readers! I hope you’ve been having a splendid November so far. As our editors continue to work on the next issue of the Jet Fuel Review, our bloggers continue to create awesome content here on the blog. The 10th issue of the Jet Fuel Review will be launched on December 3rd. We’ll give you more information about the issue and the launch event when that date draws nearer. For now, let’s recap what’s been posted to the blog in recent weeks.

In terms of writing advice, there have been two new posts. First I wrote about the virtues of outlining. You may find it difficult to outline your story, but having at least a bare-bones outline can help you stay on track. I also wrote about the importance of your rough draft. The first draft can be frustrating, but it’s an important step toward the final product of your story.

We’ve been featuring poems here on the blog, as usual. These featured poems include On the Origins of Things by Troy Jollimore and Botany by Sarah Holland-Batt. We’ve also had two new installments of the Jet Fuel Jukebox. Be sure to check out the final jukebox post of October and the first post of November.

Several of our bloggers have been writing and posting some great reviews. Michael Lane wrote a review of the new “Goosebumps” movie, which he deemed nostalgic and hilarious. Jake Johnson reviewed the new album from The Neighbourhoods, “Wiped Out.” And Michael Cotter wrote about the new reality show, “I Am Cait.”

Finally, we featured another on of our staff members in the “Meet the Editors” feature. This time the post was all about China McDonald, a Fiction Editor and Copy Editor for the Jet Fuel Review.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you all have wonderful weeks.

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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