Writing Advice: Write to Write


Let’s face it — we all have issues with motivation. It’s an unavoidable fact that your creative pursuits are going to hit a brick wall at some point. You can’t write 1,500 words every day. At least, not typically. But that doesn’t mean those days aren’t annoying. When you’re sitting in front of a computer and the words just aren’t coming, you might be ready to put your fist through the screen. The truth, though, is that what you should be doing is writing.

This seems like the simplest, most stupid advice that anyone could give, but writing helps you write more. Putting words down will help you create a routine and be motivated to write again the next day. A recent post from Chuck Wendig, that guru of writing advice, discussed this simple tenant. In his post, Chuck says, “That sounds strange, and here you are thinking that you need motivation just to start writing in the first place. But let me tell you — you don’t. Sit down. Put your hands around the throat of the story and just start squeezing. Write anyway.”

He makes a good point here. Most of us think that to write you must first seek out inspiration and motivation. You might think that you need to read and absorb a dozen quotes from famous writers before you even begin. But that kind of practice just derails you from what you should be doing — writing. Sure, maybe one or two motivational quotes might get your engine revved. But don’t let that distract you from making actual progress.

So, instead of wasting time on posts like this one, why not just sit down and force yourself to write? Then you’ll have something to show for the day and you’ll be more likely to continue writing the next day. Happy writing!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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