Editor’s Notes #168

Good evening, blog readers! I hope that you’re all settling into the newly chilled fall weather we’re experiencing. If you happen to live in a climate that is either experiencing summer right now or doesn’t have cold weather at all, enjoy the sun. But for those of us in the Midwest, fall is upon us. This means that a new semester has begun at Lewis University, the home of the Jet Fuel Review. I’m happy to say that the new roster of editors are already hard at work on the Review. The new semester also means there will be a lot more new posts around here each week. In fact, the influx of new bloggers has already begun! Let’s take a look at posts from the blog in recent weeks.

To begin with, I’d like to acknowledge the loss of a Jet Fuel family member. Last week, Lucas Boelter passed away. Lucas was an editor with the Jet Fuel Review, and he also contributed his work to issues in the past. I think it’s safe to say that Lucas will be sorely missed. Please check out this memorial post to see just how talented a poet Lucas was.

We’ve had several new advice posts go up on the blog. Firstly, I wrote about the virtue of taking breaks in your writing life. This stems mostly from my own writing break, but I still think that it’s good advice. Next, I wrote about talking through your writing issues or plot difficulties with friends. Whether they’re writers or not, friends can be great sounding boards for ideas. In the most recent advice post, I wrote about getting inspiration from yourself. Take a look at your past writing achievements and you might just be inspired to keep on working.

In recent weeks, we’ve featured several poems on the blog. These include Lexington Avenue Line by Jayne Benjulian; Midnight, Talking About Our Exes by Ada Limón; and Last Night by Ray Gonzalez. Every Wednesday, we feature a new poem here, so be sure to check out those posts!

Michael Lane, a film blogger here and the new Assistant Blog Editor, has written some new reviews of late. You can now read his reviews of “The Gift,” the video game “Until Dawn,” and M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit.”

As I said, several other bloggers have returned now that the semester has begun. Sabrina Parr is back with her book reviews, and the first one is The Princess TrialsAnd Michael Cotter is back to tell us what he’s been watching lately. Right now you can read his thoughts on the TV adaptation of the “Scream” film franchise.

Finally, our latest ‘Meet the Editors’ post features Rachel Steele, who is serving as both a Poetry Editor and Assistant Art & Design Editor this semester.

I hope you’re enjoying the blog’s content. Stick around to see more advice, reviews, and interviews with editors. Have a great week!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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