Editor’s Notes #164

Hello, blog readers, and welcome to another Sunday! Two weeks have passed since our last Editor’s Notes post, and in that time the semester has come to an end. That means that our intrepid Jet Fuel Review editors are either graduating or preparing to kick up their feet for summer. Either way, things are going to be a little quieter around our blog in the coming months. We hope you’ll stick with us, though. And in the meantime, please check out the latest issue of the Jet Fuel Review, which is live and available for you to read right now.

In the world of writing advice, I’ve written two recent posts. The first one was about what to do when you’re stuck. We’ve all experienced writer’s block, and hopefully these bits of advice will help you when it comes around. The other was about multitasking, which is sometimes the only way to get writing done in a busy day. We also featured some poems here on the blog in recent weeks. First, we featured three poems from Javier EtchevarrenGlue, Punta Carretas, and Garbage Dump. And we also featured Last Lights by Kim Addonizio.

Recently, a few of our bloggers wrote their final posts for the semester. Sabrina Parr’s last book review was My Fair Godmother by Jannette Rallison. Michael Cotter’s last installment of “What Are You Watching?” featured the show Ghost Whisperer. Kelly Lyons wrote two final “Book Bucket List” posts for the blog. These featured The Silver Linings Playbook and The Lovely Bones. And we had just one more “Meet the Editors” post, this time to introduce our new Assistant Web Editor, Monika Kois.

Thanks to all the bloggers for their thoughtful and compelling contributions to the blog during this past semester. And thanks to all of you for continuing to read our posts here. I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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