If Roses Could Talk

Rose Bush

Hello, readers and welcome back! This week we will be talking about Michele Jaffe’s Rosebush.

Jane is having a bad morning. The night after a big party, Jane wakes up in the hospital paralyzed from a hit-and-run accident. She has no memory of how she ended up there. She’s surrounded by friends and her loving boyfriend, so things start to look better until Jane starts to remember what happened. Jane’s accident might not have been so accidental, but that would mean one of her friends is out to kill her.

As Jane starts to piece together what happened that night at the party, things start to get weird. Jane starts receiving threatening phone calls from someone who claims they want to kill her. The only problem is, Jane is the only one around when they call. Is Jane making up the threatening messages? Is she being paranoid? The police claim they caught the people who ran her over, so why is Jane still feeling threatened? Jane may be losing her mind or maybe someone really is after her.

Everyone is a suspect, and there is no one Jane can trust, but she must figure out who’s trying to kill her before they strike again and finish the job. Time is ticking down for Jane. As she heals from her injuries and can move again, she must prove that she is not going crazy and attempt to catch a would-be killer all by herself.

Michele Jaffe crafts a beautiful mystery that has you hooked until the last page. You’ll be wondering who the killer is or if there is a killer at all. That’s all for this week, check in next week for another book review.

— Sabrina Parr, Poetry Edtior

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