Discuss: Writing Resolutions


For the past couple of years on the blog, I have published a post about resolutions as the new year begins. Some folks always have resolutions related to fitness or diet. But we writers tend to resolve to write more, publish more, and read more. At least, that’s my assumption about the writer community. If I’m wrong, please comment on this post and set me straight. Or simply comment and tell me what your new year’s resolutions are because that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

Personally, I always have at least a few resolutions on my list that are dedicated to the written word. This year I’m hoping to write or edit some of my work every day. This was my goal last year as well, but this year I’m making it seem more doable by setting the bar very low. All I have to do is write 350 words each day. I’m not sure how I’m going to quantify the editing, but if I can somehow get myself to sit down and edit my own work after editing other people’s work at my job all day, then I’ll consider it a victory.

Yesterday I wrote about making the time to write and I think that’s something that you have to keep in mind if you’ve created a writing resolution. Those resolutions are going to seem pretty simple throughout the month of January. But you might find it more and more difficult to keep your resolution until April rolls around and you’re finding that you would rather spend your time on other pursuits. So, start off strong! Section off some time in your day that is only meant for writing. Hold that time sacred and you’ll be more successful than some of your like-minded peers with similar resolutions.

So, now it’s your turn — what is your writing resolution for this year? Do you want to write a certain number of words each day? Do you want to make progress on a writing project that has lain fallow for too long? Do you want to establish a writing routine? Leave your resolutions in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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