Is All Fair in Love and War?

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Hello Readers, and welcome back!

This week we will be talking about The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze. Set in a futuristic England, this book’s world is a bit of a mess. A series of natural disasters has ruined the earth. The sun barely shines, the earth produces almost no food, and people are starving and growing restless. The Royal family is doing the best they can under the circumstances, but that isn’t good enough for one ruthless revolutionary.

When the rebels attack the castle, only Princess Eliza manages to escape, leaving her two siblings behind. All alone and on the run, Eliza decides to join the enemy army in disguise in the hopes of getting revenge on their leader.

Eliza is determined to get revenge even it means dying, but then she meets Wesley. Wesley helps her to remember how to have hope and maybe even how to love, but Wesley has some secrets of his own. In this game of love and war, all is fair.

Revenge, life, death, betrayal, and war–what more could you ask for in a book? Galaxy Craze beautifully carves out this futuristic world and sucks you right in. The Last Princess has you hooked from the first page and doesn’t let you go until the last. You find yourself rooting for Eliza and secretly wanting your own Wesley–I know I did. In the game of love and war, who can you trust? You’ll just have to read to find out.

That’s all for now. Check in next time for your next book and remember to keep reading.

— Sabrina Parr, Assistant Poetry Editor


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