Editor’s Notes #152

Good evening, blog readers, and welcome to another wrap-up post. We’ve had a quite busy couple of weeks, so there are plenty of posts to catch you up on. But first, our editors are currently working on the latest issue of the Jet Fuel Review. But if you’d like to read some of what we have published in the past, you can read the last issue of the Review right now. Now, here’s what’s been going on the past couple of weeks on the Jet Fuel’s blog.

In the way of Writing Advice, we have featured two posts recently. The first post discussed my much-repeated mantra that you need to just write. These days there seems to be a lot of noise around writing and writers that has nothing to do with actually writing. Try to tune out that noise and concentrate on getting words down on the page! The other piece of advice on the blog this week was about banishing your inner doubt. Everyone doubts their ability to write, but the trick is to ignore those doubts and just write (do you see a pattern here?).

The most recent discussion post talked about the process of getting ideas. What is the best way for you find ideas for your writing? Share it in the comments! In terms of featured poems here on the blog, we had What the Girl Wore by Kathleen Driskell and Girl Reading the Aenid on the Subway by Ann Lauinger.

Our film bloggers have also been producing some wonderful content. From Miguel Gonzalez, we had a post about the ethics of continuing to use deceased actors in films. Mike Egan, our other film blogger, wrote a post about the value of documentaries and another post about Marvel’s plans for their cinematic universe in the coming decade.

We’ve had plenty of new content from our other editors as well. Jessica Jordan continued her literary heroine spotlight blog by featuring Clary Fray, the heroine from the Mortal Instruments book series. Grant Mazan, our Assistant Poetry Editor, began his new blog this week — Literary Libations. For his first post, Grant discussed Faulkner’s fondness for the mint julep. Sabrina Parr continued her book corner posts by featuring Confessions of a Murder SuspectAnd Dominique Dusek continued her Shakespeare posts with a great analysis of fathers in King Lear

Finally, we added two more editor profiles to our ‘Meet the Editor’ posts. Last week we featured Jessica Jordan, our current Managing Editor. This week we featured Grant Mazan, our Assistant Poetry Editor and Assistant Arts and Design Editor.

We hope that you enjoy the next few weeks of posts her at the Jet Fuel Review blog!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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