Sabrina’s Book Corner: Going Ghost

Photo by ReadRosemary
Photo by ReadRosemary

Hello Readers and welcome to Sabrina’s Book Corner, where you will be able to find good books for young adult readers each week. This week I am going to discuss Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore.

Since it is the beginning of October, what better story to talk about than a ghost story? Texas Gothic is about a spunky soon-to-be college freshman named Amy. Along with her slightly odd sister, Phin, Amy is ranch-sitting for her aunt for the summer. Sounds like a pretty easy job, right? Wrong, because Amy is from a long line of witches and is about to go head to head with a ghost.

Amy wants nothing more than to distance herself for her family’s world of magic but that’s a little hard when you are being haunted by a ghost. With bodies showing up at the hot but cranky neighbor boy’s ranch and a ghost, Amy has her hands full in this novel by Rosemary Clement-Moore.

Rosemary Clement-Moore crafts a fun, fast-paced ghost story in the heart of Texas. Ghosts, bodies, and hot cowboys–what more do you need in a book? So, if you’re looking for a quick read this October, consider Texas Gothic for all your ghostly needs.

That’s all for this week. Check back in next time for your new book of the week and remember to keep reading.

— Sabrina Parr, Poetry Editor

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