Editor’s Notes #148

Good evening, blog readers! I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far, and that you’re transitioning well to the autumn weather! The Jet Fuel editors are already getting started on the next issue of the Jet Fuel Review. The next submission period is currently open! If you’re interested in submitting your work for the next issue, you can visit the Jet Fuel Review‘s website. The submission period closes on October 15th, so hurry and get your work in if you’re interested! Of course, you can also read the last issue of the Review right now.

Looking back at the past two weeks of posts here on the blog, we had two Writing Advice posts about very different topics. First we had a post about stopping to enjoy the process of writing. Sometimes we can get caught up in the difficulties of writing without pausing to lose ourselves in a fictional world or simply enjoy writing. A good reminder for us all. We also had a post about talking about your writing. Sometimes it’s important to discuss your latest writing project and get some feedback from those around you.

We also had some great discussion posts recently. First we tackled the question, “How do you get back to enjoying writing?” Maybe you’ve taken some time away from writing, or are going through some writer’s block. This post might give you some ideas about not getting bogged down by your projects. Then we had a discussion about the sounding boards in your life. Who do you go to when you need or want to talk about writing?

Of course, we also featured some new poems here at the blog. We first featured Small Container, Fury by Sandra Lim. And we also featured Body & Kentucky Bourbon by Saeed Jones.

Perhaps most excitingly, this week saw the revival of our Meet the Editors feature, which ran last semester.  Our new Assistant Blog Editor, Kelly Lyons, is now running the Meet the Editors posts, which will be going up each Friday this semester. This week we profiled Emily Lif, the Copy Editor and Assistant Fiction Editor for the Jet Fuel Review. Be sure to check that out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past two weeks of posts here on the JFR’s blog, and I hope you stick around for more.

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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