Editor’s Notes #147

Good evening, blog readers! I hope that, if you have returned to school, your school year is going smoothly so far. Now that school is back in session, that means that Jet Fuel Review crew will be getting ready to put together a brand new issue! But, if you want to check out what we do, you can read the latest issue of the  Jet Fuel Review right now. If you’re looking for some new poetry, fiction, and non-fiction to read, be sure to check out this latest issue. This issue is even available as an eBook, which you can download HERE.

Now, onto the post round-up. In terms of Writing Advice, we had a post all about pacing your story. Pacing is important for the feel that your readers get from your story, and whether they stay engaged. Then we had a post about getting to know your own characters. If you know your characters, you can help your readers know them as well. Some techniques include prewriting and character monologues — check out the post for more! We also had a post about connections between your characters. Creating connections between the people in your story makes them more real for your readers and it can be fun to do! This past week, our writing advice focused on reading critically to improve your writing.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve also had some discussion posts, in which you can express your opinion about some writing topics. We have a post about graphic novels up right now — have you read any graphic novels? Do you have any recommendations? Share them in the post! We also have a post about writing non-fiction. Are you interested in writing non-fiction? Have you already done so? Finally, we had a discussion post about the reading that you do when you’re in a writing slump.

And, of course, we have also been featuring some poems here on the blog. In the past few weeks, we have featured You Ask Me to Talk About the Interior, by Caroline Ebeid and  A Sparrow’s Life’s as Sweet as Mineby Corrie Williamson. This week we featured Fox in a Tree Stump, by Judith Beveridge.

Stay tuned for more posts from us here at the Jet Fuel Review’ blog.

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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