Editor’s Notes #143

Good afternoon, blog readers! I hope you’re enjoying Mother’s Day, or simply a lovely Sunday afternoon. Last time I posted an editor’s round-up, we were gearing up to post issue #7 of the Jet Fuel ReviewWell, I’m pleased to announce that this new issue has now been released! The launch event was a big success, thanks to everyone who came and read a piece being published in issue #7. We truly appreciate your help and your enthusiasm for the Review! If you’d like to check out the seventh issue of the Jet Fuel Review, you can do so right here. Why not relax after finals by doing a bit of reading? Now it’s time for the round-up!

Two weeks ago, we posted a Writing Advice post about outlining. Whether you like to outline or not, this post might give you a different outlook on the practice. Instead of outlining as your first step, try waiting until you’ve started writing. Read the whole post for more! Our discussion post that week focused on the artist & the day job. What does a day job mean when you also feel compelled to take time to create art? Check out the post for a new outlook on this situation. The featured poem post that week contained two poems by Daniel Tobin, BB and In Wax and Fire.

The following week was a short one in terms of posts. We had a Writing Advice post about writing action in the right order. If something feels “off” about your story, go back and read those sections that are packed with action. Make sure that everything included there is happening in the right order for your character, for your readers, and for your intended impact. The featured poem that week was Second Honeymoon by Christopher Robley.

This week began with a Writing Advice post about the action in your story. Is it few and far between, or is your story brimming over with action? To get just the right amount, check out this post. Next we had an Awesome Literary Things post, which featured writing retreats. What would your ideal writing retreat be like? Check out the post and share your thoughts in the comments! The featured poem this week was Smote by James Kimbrell.

Enjoy your week, and I’ll see you next time for another ‘Editor’s Notes’!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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