Jet Fuel Review, Issue #7

Come out and celebrate: Spring, Easter, National Poetry Month, and the JET FUEL REVIEW LAUNCH PARTY—7TH ISSUE!
When: THURSDAY, APRIL 24th, 2:00-3:15 PM
Where: Black Box/Studio Theater, 2nd Floor of Oremus Fine Arts (enter through the art gallery)

This event will provide you with Cult & Civ Points if attended.

Dear students, faculty and staff,

You are cordially invited to the Issue #7 Reading Launch of the Jet Fuel Review, Lewis University’s student-run and faculty-advised literary journal. Student editors and faculty advisers of the journal will congregate with student, alum, and faculty readers to usher in the latest issue of the Jet Fuel Review. We hope to see you at the launch!

Please join us to view to hear poetry by Lewis student Theresa Marten and alum Lucas Boelter, as well as poems by writers from across the nation.

Selected work from Issue #7 will be read by the following editors, faculty, and staff: Dr. Tom Brignall (Sociology), Dr. Bill Chura (Biology), Dr. Jennifer Consilio (English), Dr. Chuck Crowder (Physics), Dr. Jason Keleher (Chemistry), Dr. Tracey Nicholls (Philosophy), Jo Slowik (Theater),Dr. Dawn Walts (English) as well as some of the editors listed below:

Tim Fitzpatrick, Melissa Carrington, Ashley Castillo, Audrey Heiberger, Sarah Ford, Emily Lif, Stephanie Lipinski, Tina McKee, Stephanie Raga, Michelle Staie, and Dr. Jackie White Faculty Advisor

Visit the Jet Fuel Review website to read the new issue to be released on April 24th.


3 thoughts on “Jet Fuel Review, Issue #7

  1. Jackie White April 23, 2014 / 4:28 pm

    I can’t wait to share our newest issue withe Lewis community! Please join us!

  2. Sheila Kennedy April 24, 2014 / 8:28 am

    Hope you all have a terrific launch! Congratulations–enjoy your splendid work and writing. It’s inspiring!

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