Editor’s Notes: #142

Good afternoon, blog readers. I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday so far! This week I bring you some exciting news: the launch of the next Jet Fuel Review issue is coming up!

That’s right, the Spring 2014 issue of the Review is now finished and it will be posted this week, on April 24th. If you’re reading this post and happen to be a Lewis University student, then you’re welcome to join us at the new issue launch on Thursday! If you’re not in the area, you can of course read the new issue when it’s posted on the 24th.

Now, onto the latest posts you’ve been seeing on this blog. A few weeks ago we posted a Writing Advice post about how the concept of spring cleaning might be applied to one’s writing. If you have some dusty, old projects that have been awaiting your attention, take them out now and work on them! The community discussion that week was all about getting to your character’s true desire. Do you think that’s the most important part of any writing project? Share your thoughts in the post! That week, we featured the poem Incipient by Elizabeth Bradfield.

We also had a great post from Jackie White, one of the Jet Fuel Review‘s faculty advisors, about her time on the Writing Process Blog Tour. Be sure to check it out! And, if you’re interested, be sure to check out Simone Muench’s blog post on the same topic.

This past week we had a Writing Advice post about first draft woes. Are you in the midst of a first draft of a writing project? Are you feeling tired and worn out by writing it or revising it? Come share your woe in the comments! On Monday we had some exciting news — Jet Fuel contributer, Virginia Smith Rice, published her first book of poetry. If you’re looking for a new collection of poetry to read, you can check out her book, When I Wake It Will Be Forever, which is being published by Sundress Publications. The discussion post this week discussed the subject of writing self-help books. Do you read them? Do you despise them? Share your thoughts! The featured poem this week was Entrance by William Greenway.

That’s all for this week, folks! I hope that you check out the launch of the Jet Fuel Review‘s new issue, and have a wonderful week!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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