Discuss: Houses for Writers


So, have you heard that Detroit is giving away houses to writers? Of course, it’s not that simple, but doesn’t that sound like an amazing idea? Even when investigated further, this is still a pretty amazing thing. The Detroit-based literary organization, Write A House, has created a completely unique and very intriguing writer’s residency program. I first heard about these guys through Boing Boing.

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Detroit has fallen on hard economic times lately. As a result, there are many vacant and abandoned buildings in the once-thriving city. Write A House seeks to put those buildings to good use in the name of creativity! Basically, you can apply to be a part of the residency program and, if you’re chosen, you’ll get a house refurbished by the Write A House folks. Normally, residency programs consist of going away to somewhere different than your normal surroundings to spur on the creative process. These programs typically take place through universities, museums, theaters, and the like. When you’re finished with your residency, you simply go back home. In the case of Write A House, you would get to keep this house for good.

Seriously, how awesome does this sound? Not only does the program help to support emerging writers, it also gives Detroit residents with vocational training the chance to put their skills to work refurbishing these houses. I think it’s an amazing organization, and a program that will greatly enrich the community of Detroit.

What do you guys think of this program? Would you ever apply for a residency program? Share in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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