Editor’s Notes #136

Hello, readers! Welcome to another sometimes weekly/sometimes bi-weekly round-up of blog posts. Firstly, I want to remind you about the latest issue of the Jet Fuel Review! On November 21, we released the sixth issue of the Review, which boasts writers who hail all the way from Kolkata, India to San Francisco, California. I would encourage you check out the new issue for exciting poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art. You can even get the new issue in e-book form, for your convenience!

This week, for the Writing Advice post, I slacked off just a bit to briefly discuss the “10 Steps” that go into writing. Spoiler alert: all ten steps tell you to just write! Also on Monday, we had a new faculty feature post. Alyssa Aquino, a Lewis University student, interviewed Lewis University Professor Dennis Cremin about his new book, Grant Park: The Evolution of Chicago’s Front YardThe Discussion Post this week was all about the question of stepping away from or diving into a large writing project. When you reach a milestone in your writing progress, what do you feel most inclined to do: step away or dive back in?

At mid-week, we had a Meet the Editors feature that profiled Ashley Castillo, the Layout Editor and Arts & Design Assistant Editor for the Jet Fuel Review. Be sure to check out Ashley’s answers to the awesome profile questions that Melissa Carrington has developed! The featured poem this week was Fauxbadewhich is written by Heather Sellers. On Friday, we had another faculty feature post here at the blog. Andrea Holm interviewed Professor Pramod Mishra, a professor at Lewis University, about his roots. It’s a fascinating piece and I highly recommend reading it. And just today, we had another installment of the “Meet the Editors” feature, which profiled Kyle Kotas, one of the Poetry Editors at the Jet Fuel Review. 

We had a very busy week here at the Jet Fuel Review blog, and I hope you like what we’ve been posting!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan




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