Jet Fuel Review Issue #6

Art by Julie Clack

You are cordially invited to the Issue #6 Reading Launch of the Jet Fuel Review, Lewis University’s student-run and faculty-advised literary journal. On Thursday, Nov. 21st in room DL 250 (not AS158) from 2:00 to 3:15, editors and faculty advisers of the journal will congregate with student and faculty readers to usher in the latest issue of Jet Fuel Review. We hope to see you at the launch!

Please join us to view artwork by Lewis students Connor McLennan, Jessica Richey, and Brittany Bishop; Lewis faculty, Prof. Mark Swain; and Lewis staff Michael Progress. In addition to publishing writers who hail all the way from Kolkata, India to San Francisco, California, we will also be publishing Lewis student Gabriela Mendoza, Lewis staff Lennart Lundh, and Lewis faculty Nate Slawson.

Selected work from Issue #6 will be read by the following editors, faculty, and alum: Dr. Clare Rothschild (Theology), Dr. Chuck Crowder (Physics), Dr. Jason Keleher (Chemistry), Dr. Tracey Nicholls (Philosophy), Dr. Bill Chura (Biology), Jo Slowik (Theater) Dr. Jamil Mustafa (English) as well as some of the editors of the Review.

You can read the 6th issue of the Jet Fuel Review on the journal’s website. Check it out!


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