Editor’s Notes #134

Hello, readers, and welcome to another installment of Editor’s Notes, the weekly round-up post. We’ve got some interesting posts to talk about this week. Before we get to that, though, I’d like to make an exciting announcement! The release of the Jet Fuel Review‘s 6th issue will take place this Thursday, November 21st. If you happen to be on the Lewis University campus, you can attend to the release event in room DL 250 (not AS158) from 2:00 to 3:15. Otherwise, you can at least read the new issue on the Jet Fuel Review‘s website.

Two weeks ago, our blog posts began with a Writing Advice post about avoiding straight lines in your story. According to blogger and author Chuck Wendig, you should include as many twists and turns in your plot as possible. The discussion post that week was about young literary heroines in literature. In that post, you can read about my love of Anastasia Krupnik, the character created by Lois Lowry. The featured poem that week was Five Tankas, by Harryette Mullen. And to finish up the week, we had the first Thursday Three post, written by our Assistant Blog Editor Melissa Carrington. You can read her post about first lines right here.

This week’s Writing Advice post talked about writing for long blocks of time. If you designate a certain time in your day as being only for writing, you are likely to be more productive each day. The discussion post this week featured an Awesome Literary Thing — bookstore windows. Be sure to check those out! The featured poem this week was Cook, by Albert Goldbarth. Melissa’s Thursday Three this week was all about smelling the roses in your life. This week’s “Meet the Editors” feature talked to Tina McKee, our Marketing and Development Editor.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s posts on the blog. If you can, check out the Jet Fuel Review‘s release event on Thursday, November 21st. And be sure to check out that new issue on the website!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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