Discuss: Awesome Literary Things

Hurlingham Books, London http://www.bookstoreguide.org/2012/02/hurlingham-books-london.html
Hurlingham Books, London http://www.bookstoreguide.org/2012/02/hurlingham-books-london.html

Awesome Bookstore Windows

A storefront window is the best way for a shop to compete amongst many other shops. If they have a creative flair, then that storefront window will hopefully catch the eyes of many potential consumers. For a bookstore, I would not think they’d have to do much in order to have customers strolling into their store. Speaking as a self-professed book addict, I know that it doesn’t really take much to get me into a bookstore. If there are some interesting titles and a few aesthetically pleasing covers displayed, I’m probably walking in. Let’s be honest, if the word “book” is somehow in the name of the store, I’m probably walking in. But some storefront windows just go above and beyond, and that’s always appreciated.

Recently, Flavorwire made a post containing 30 Excellent Bookstore Windows from Around the World. There are some simple windows that are just a bit cluttered and cozy-looking. There are places like Reed Books 2 in Suffolk, England that have an array of books displayed, each with a face on the cover. There is Hurlingham Books in London, whose windows are almost completely obscured by books stacked in them. There is an adorable display of a paper cut-out girl reading at Toko Buku in Indonesia. All of these are just lovely and are an added bonus to walking past your favorite bookstore. They’re also likely to get you to walk inside.

Do you have any favorite bookstore front window displays? What would be a good display to draw you into a bookstore? Share in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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