Discuss: Awesome Literary Things

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Amazingly Extravagant Libraries

I think we can all agree that libraries are awesome. But they’re also outside your home and require you to put on pants before visiting. Unless, that is, you happen to have a personal library. Of course, this privilege is only reserved for the mega-wealthy, or at least those with an extra room and some DIY skills. But we can dream! And one of my most dearly held dreams for my future home is for it to have a library in it. It doesn’t have to be huge, I just want a nice, cozy space where I can keep my book collection. And if my library happens to look like any of the libraries I’m going to talk about today, I will be one lucky gal.

Recently, the Book Riot blog did a great post about Libraries of the Rich and Famous. These are all folks — mostly authors and actors — who clearly value books and have chosen to give them a place of prominence in their homes. Some of these are just breathtaking, while others aren’t really up my alley. You should go check out the post to see them all, but I wanted to talk about a few of them in particular.

My personal favorite on this list is Neil Gaiman’s library. I think I’ve posted about it before on the blog and it’s just unbelievable. He has amassed an amazing collection of books and he displays them in a way that makes it look as though he has his very own secondhand bookshop in his home. The award for the Most Stately Personal Library definitely goes to Sting and his Victorian, studious design.

Which personal library do I want my own library to look like some day? Either Keith Richards (cozy, comfortable, crammed with books) or Julia Child (homey, inviting). But, in actuality, whose library will my own end up looking like? Probably Professor Richard A. Macksey. It’s a bit messy, but it looks like there’s a method to all of the madness. And I love the abundance of chairs, so that you can sit down wherever you are in the room to peruse some books.

Which personal library is your favorite? Why do you like it? Which library do you want your own to look like someday? Share in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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