Editor’s Notes #131

Good evening once again, blog readers! If you are a student, I hope your semester has been going smoothly so far. As you know, a new semester means that we’ll soon be releasing a new issue of the Jet Fuel Review. But while you’re waiting, be sure to check out our latest issue. Yes, the fifth issue is still around and it’s packed with awesome art, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from very talented writers and artists. Now, to the blog posts!

The Writing Advice post two weeks ago was all about pacing, a difficult thing to achieve when writing. If you’re looking for some advice about this topic, check out the post! The discussion post covered yet another Awesome Literary Thing. This time it was the rooms of writers. If you’re nosey like me, you’ll want to check out this post to see where these famous writers do their work. And the featured poem was Telephone, by Caryl Pagel.

This week, the Writing Advice post covered the topic of productivity, which is something that I think we all struggle with. Check out the post for some tips and tricks about being more productive. The discussion post this week was about that old adage that tells you to write “what you know.”  Chuck Wendig expands this old saying into much more, and I would definitely recommend checking out the post. The featured poem this week was Holy Heathen Rhapsody, by Pattiann Rogers.

Stay tuned for more posts here at the Jet Fuel blog!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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