Editor’s Notes #130

Good evening once again, blog readers! I would like to welcome all the new editors and staff of the Jet Fuel Review who will be working on the journal through a new practicum at Lewis University. As you know, a new semester means that we’ll soon be releasing a new issue of the Jet Fuel Review. But while you’re waiting, be sure to check out our latest issue. Yes, the fifth issue is still around and it’s packed with awesome art, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from very talented writers and artists. Now, to the blog posts!

The week before last began with a Writing Advice post all about routines and how to get back into them. Life often derails us when we’re trying to work on writing projects, but you’ve got to get back to the grind and start writing again. The discussion post covered an autumn reading list, that is — books that are suitable to read when the weather gets cooler. And the featured poem was Homecomingby Franz Wright.

This week the Writing Advice post discussed the practice of writing a specific amount each day to keep yourself on track. Just try writing two pages per day, or 750 words per day and see where it gets out. The discussion post covered autumn book releases. There are a lot of exciting titles coming out in the next few months. The featured poem this past week was Legend of the Walled-Up Wifeby Ileana Mălăncioiu.

Thanks for reading the blog this week. Stick around for more posts!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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