Discuss: Awesome Literary Things

http://fancy.com/things/ 313511685782505865/Classic-Book-Stair-Decals

Classic Book Stair Decals

There are many ways to create a bookish environment in your home. As I’ve posted about before, there are hidden bookcase doors, endlessly different layouts for book nooks, and character-themed decorations. Yes, you could find just about anything book-related in the way of home decor. Today we add Book Stair Decals to that list! Originally found through Boing Boing and available for purchase on the Fancy website, these decals would be a really awesome way to decorate a staircase.

The decals all have the titles of classic books on them and the style is drawn from the Penguin clothbound classics series, which has really beautiful designs on the covers of their classic titles. Just imagine walking upstairs and passing by the titles of your favorite classics as you go. I think these are so lovely and would add a bit of bookishness to any home. If you’re a bookworm and are looking for another way to put that part of yourself on display in your home, check these out!

What are some book-related home decor items that you know of? Share them in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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