Editor’s Notes #128

Hello, readers! Welcome to another weekly wrap-up of the posts we’ve featured here on the Jet Fuel blog. I hope your summer is going splendidly! First, a quick reminder about the latest issue of the Jet Fuel Review. The fifth issue is still around and it’s packed with awesome art, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from very talented writers and artists. If you’re looking for something to read this summer, feel free to check it out! If you’re looking for even more, you can check out past issues of the Review as well. And now, on to our post round-up!

A few weeks ago, the Writing Advice post covered characters caring about the story they’re in. If your characters are concerned, it’s more likely that your readers will be concerned and interested in their story. The discussion post that week talked about libraries and how important they are to have around. The featured poem was Mud, by Alice Teeter.

The following week, the Writing Advice post talked about paring down imaginative ideas that you might have while writing. I think it’s great to let your imagination run wild while you’re writing a first draft, but then edits will need to be made. The discussion post turned to Awesome Literary Things. This week — the Wal-Mart Library! A Wal-Mart in Texas was actually converted into a library and the results are pretty awesome. The featured poem was Reading Can Kill You, by Barbara Hamby.

This past week, the Writing Advice post suggested that you read voraciously, if you’re interested in writing. Read like crazy, and then write like crazy! And the featured poem this week was Cygnus Cygnus, by Kiki Petrosino.

Due to some rather stressful for times for your Jet Fuel Blog Editor, the blog will be experiencing a hiatus this coming week. I hope you’ll stick around to see what we have to offer when the hiatus is over. Enjoy your week!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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