Discuss: Awesome Literary Things

Photo courtesy of: http://gallifreyan-detective.tumblr.com/

Bookstore in a Train Car

There are some pretty interesting bookstores out there. There are also some really unique libraries, which I happened to post about a few weeks ago. I posted about the bookstore porthole made out of books and the book “farm” that I visited in Wisconsin. Around the internet, I’ve seen bookstores that are enormous, bookstores that have trees growing in the middle of them, and bookstores that are partially flooded because they happen to be in Venice, the sinking city. But have you ever seen a bookstore set up in a train car? Well, now you have.

Courtesy of BoingBoing, who found this story via the Gallifreyan Detective on tumblr, I would like to introduce to you the bookstore in a train car. Apparently, this makeshift bookstore is located north of Paris, France and is called La caverne aux livres. Whoever takes care of this place has converted an old, yellow train car into a bibliophile’s dream. It looks absolutely amazing and I wish it was cheaper/easier to get to France because, honestly, an afternoon in this place would lift my mood exponentially.

What do you guys think of when you think of the most amazing bookstore you could imagine? Personally, I’d like a bookstore with ample seating — preferably in the form of big, cushy chairs — and tall rows of books so you could hide in the stacks and just read for hours on end, or browse to your heart’s content.

What would show up in your perfect bookstore? Where would it be located? Do you know of any other unique locations for bookstores? Leave them in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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