Editor’s Notes #126

Good evening, readers! Here we are again at our bi-weekly check in post. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the freedom that summer affords you, and that you’ve been taking advantage of the warmer weather. If you happen to be looking for a reason to stay inside, away from the heat, why not check out the latest issue of the Jet Fuel Review? Yes, the fifth issue is still around and is chock full of awesome art, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. If you’re looking for something to read this summer, feel free to check it out! If you’re looking for even more, you can check out past issues of the Review as well. And now, on to our post round-up!

Two weeks ago, we had an even shorter week here at the blog because of the Fourth of July holiday. The Writing Advice post two weeks ago focused on the fact that writing is actual work. Borrowing from the wisdom of Chuck Wendig, we explored the idea that writing is a mostly cerebral task, but must eventually come into the real world and you have to give time to the task. In short – sit down and write! And the Community Discussion post talked about re-reading books. Do you like to re-read your books? Share your thoughts over at the discussion post!

This week, the Writing Advice post talked about the virtues of handwriting your work. Though we all live on electronic devices and do a lot of typing during our days, handwriting has its advantages. Check out the post! The Community Discussion post shed its light on another Awesome Literary Thing – unique libraries! It turns out there are libraries in treehouses, underground, and all sorts of places! This week’s featured poem came from Poetry Daily and was entitled Paper, by Stephen Ackerman.

Join us next week for more posts here at the blog!

— Jet Fuel Review Editor, Mary Egan

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