Discuss: Awesome Literary Things


Unique Libraries

This week for our Awesome Literary Thing, we start at the place where I’m guessing most of you started noticing awesome literary things: the library! Though I had lots of books to read at home as a youngster, the library is where I expanded my base of reading material and started reading outside my comfort zone. Aside from offering new and interesting books, libraries can also offer reading programs for kids, activities for teens, and book clubs for adults. But have you ever seen a library in the shape of an army tank? I’m guessing no.

The army tank library and so many others are featured in this post on the Open Education Database website. There are some really wild ideas here, like a temporary library art installation in an ancient abandoned Turkish Bath, a treehouse library, and a dollhouse library. Not all of these are actually usable of course — like the dollhouse library — but they still look really awesome.

I was thinking about libraries this past weekend because my tiny, local library just had some renovations done. I haven’t had a chance to go inside and explore the new floor plan, but from the outside it looks like a lot of space was added. More room for more books! But my little local library leaves much to be desired. If I had my way, I think I’d like to have that treehouse library…

What would be in your ideal library? If you could have a truly outrageous library, what would it look like? Share in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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