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Bookstore Porthole

This week we return, once again, to an Awesome Literary Thing that exists out there in the wide world. Last time it was a bookcase staircase, and this time it’s a book porthole. Thanks to the awesome Boing Boing website, I found this porthole made of books that was constructed in John W. Doull Bookseller store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. When I saw this neat bookstore feature, it instantly reminded me of that scene from Black Books where Bernard creates a hole in the wall so that he can spy on Manny working at the rival bookstore next door. Boing Boing calls it a reason to visit the store and I have to agree!

There are so many interesting things that bookstores do to display their wares, and this one of the greatest. So, the bookstore porthole got me thinking about all of those awesome things that bookstores do to make their shops unique. There is, of course, Shakespeare and Company, which famously allows writers and creative drifters of all stripes stay in its store free of charge. There is the Selexyz Bookstore in Maastricht, Holland, which is located in a refurbished and gorgeous church. There is the Cafebreria El Pendulo, Mexico City, Mexico, which incorporates greenery into its store.

And there’s also Castle Arkdale, a bookstore in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin. I have visited Castle Arkdale and it was a completely amazing experience. It was like making a pilgrimage to an important place for all book lovers.

I would highly recommend it, even though it is definitely off the beaten track. What about you guys? Have you made any book pilgrimages to see stores that present their books in interesting ways? Do you know of any awesome bookstore features that I haven’t mentioned here? Please share them in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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