Editor’s Notes #124

Good evening, blog readers! As I said two weeks ago, this summer is going to bring a more abbreviated posting schedule here at the Jet Fuel Review blog. As our regular bloggers enjoy their summer away from student life, I will be holding the fort with my regular Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday posts. Because of this abbreviated posting schedule, I’m going to be writing theses round-up posts every two weeks rather than every week. And so, because it has been two weeks since Editor’s Notes #123, let’s take a look at what was posted in those intervening two weeks.

To begin with, we had a Writing Advice post all about being yourself. As a writer, it’s important to find your own voice rather than spend your time trying to emulate writers that you admire. That’s an okay way to start out, but you also have to be yourself and write in the way that only you can. The Discussion post two weeks ago turned, once again, to Awesome Literary Things. The Awesome Thing in question here was a bookcase staircase/slide. Yes, seriously. This one is a total must-see even though it will likely make you jealous and want to install one of your own in your home. And the featured Slate poem was The Escape Artistby David Lehman.

This past week, our Writing Advice post turned to the topic of story structure. When you want to get into a writing project, it can be annoying to stop and craft a structure for your story. But it definitely helps in seeing your plot through to the end. The Discussion post last week talked about the joys of summer reading. Do you remember blistering hot afternoons spent in your room with a stack of books? Check out this post and share your summer reading moments in the comments! This week’s featured poem from Slate was This Horse, by  Rebekah Stout. And Lucas’ Film Corner returned this week to discuss Bill Forsyth’s film Comfort and Joy. Check it out!

We hope you enjoyed these past two weeks of posts at the Jet Fuel Review blog. Check out more posts this week!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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