Discuss: Awesome Literary Things


Bookcase Staircase/Slide

Well, folks. Sometimes it’s a Tuesday and you’re feeling a bit ill and you need something fun to perk up your day. And besides, it’s been quite a while since we’ve featured an Awesome Literary Thing here.

For me, there’s nothing like summer to make me feel nostalgic for my childhood. Summer reminds me of the summer reading program at my local library, checking out dozens of books per week and reading them in the cool darkness of my bedroom, and reading in the heat-trapping fort my brother and I made around our swingset. Yes, reading was definitely an integral part of my summers growing up, so hot weather and books make me pine for the days when I had nothing but time to read. And today’s Awesome Literary Thing is something that is likely to make you feel a bit of childish whimsy.

It’s a bookcase staircase slide, courtesy of Boing Boing! This is one of the most amazing and interesting house fixtures I’ve ever seen. I know, just from looking at it, that there’s no way I’ll ever be able to afford something like this. But it sure is awesome to look at, isn’t it? From a practical standpoint, it provides storage as well as a place for children to play. From a completely impractical standpoint…it’s a bookcase staircase slide! Can you imagine having one of these as a bookish child? I can just imagine sliding through the shelves and picking out my next read, smiling contently to myself as I landed at the bottom beside my pet octopus. Because, really, if you can have a bookcase slide, then why not add in a pet octopus as well?

What do you guys think of this Awesome Literary Thing? Have any others to share this week? Leave them in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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