Editor’s Notes #123

Greetings, blog readers! I want to apologize, firstly, for the lack of posts here last week. I was on vacation in the awesome locale of New York City and other bloggers were surely preoccupied with Memorial Day weekend. I’m sure you were too busy enjoying your day off even to notice, but I wanted to apologize anyway. The editor’s notebook is back this week, though.

Before we round up the few posts lingering on the blog, I wanted to let you know that the blog will likely be on an abbreviated posting schedule for the summer. As our bloggers are all students, they will be busy with summer internships, summer courses, and summer vacations over the next few months. Posting will return to normal completely when the next semester begins. Until then, I can guarantee my weekly posts: Writing Advice, Community Discussion, and Poem from Slate.

There were just two posts here before I left for the Big Apple. The Writing Advice post talked about the problem of clichés in writing. Are these old tropes of stories something to be avoided completely, or can they be changed and personalized in your own stories? Check out the post and let us know what you think! And the Community Discussion focused on the different types of relationships readers have with their books. Leave your thoughts in the comments there!

Thanks for continuing to read and we’ll have more posts in the weeks to come!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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