Editor’s Notes #122

Welcome, blog readers! This week was another quiet one here at the blog as our bloggers begin to enjoy their summer holidays. But I’d still like to do a wrap-up of what posts we featured here. Firstly, though, let’s talk about The Jet Fuel Review. In case you didn’t know, the Spring 2013 issue of the Jet Fuel Review has arrived! The issue looks wonderful and we have featured amazingly talented writers and artists. This year we’re offering a new way for you to read the Review — an eBook version. Now you can view the Review on your Kindle or other eReader. Be sure to check out the Jet Fuel Review’s Spring 2013 issue!

The week began with a Writing Advice post all about ignoring the passage of time. Yes, according to John Steinbeck, one of the best ways to make progress on your writing is to ignore time, page counts, and word counts. Just lose yourself in the work and enjoy what you’re working on. Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments! This week’s Discussion Post talked about the issue of gender and book covers. Following a challenge set forth by Young Adult author Maureen Johnson, people all over the internet flipped covers to cater to the opposite gender’s stereotype. The results were eye-opening and sparked a discussion regarding covers that pander to one specific gender. Check out the post and let’s talk about this interesting “coverflip” project.

This week’s Poem from Slate was How to Steal the Laptop of Your Childhood Nemesis, written by Eric McHenry. And, finally, the week ended with the tenth and final part of Linda’s Sherlock Holmes serial story. Check it out!

Thanks for reading the Jet Fuel blog this week. We look forward to posting more interesting content this week!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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