Discuss: Comfort Reading


Okay, picture this. You’ve woken up in the middle of the night and your phone tells you it’s 2:00 am. Try as you might, you cannot get back to sleep. You know you have school, or work, or something else important the next day. Nightmare scenario, right? At least, it is for me. But you know that one book can calm you down and lull you back to sleep…which book do you reach for?

Last week, Book Riot posted an article about comfort reading and that got me thinking about this scenario. The article talks about the positively horrific news week we had with the Boston bombings and the subsequent media flurry around the capture of the culprits. I certainly know what they mean — after all that disturbing and frightening news, I felt like I wanted to disappear into a fictional world for a while. After all, one of the reasons you and I love to read (if you’re reading this, I assume you also love to read) so much is certainly escapism. To be somewhere else for a while and not have to think about the real world is a lovely, tantalizing option.

So, what is my 2 am book? That’s easy. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. That book can make me feel at ease no matter what’s going on. In fact, when my dad needed an operation this past winter, that’s the book I brought to distract me while we waited in the hospital. Not only is the Harry Potter world my favorite fictional world of all time, I feel like I can jump into that first book in the series at any time and just let go. As soon as I start to read it, I’m back in that world and it seems like nothing can go wrong.

What is your 2 am book? Or, if that scenario doesn’t float your boat, what is your comfort reading? What is the book — or book series — that will never fail to make you feel better in stressful times? Share it in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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