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Undoubtedly, at some point in your college career, you’ve had a class or two which put you to sleep. Despite wanting, in earnest, to learn the fine points of something completely unrelated to your major, you found every lecture to be a test of your ability to keep your eyelids up and yawns from taking over your face.

How ever is one to go about describing such a class? A good way would be, “That class is positively soporific!” (sop-or-IF-ick).

Anything which makes you sleepy is soporific. Sleep aids, for example, are (in theory, at least) soporific. Monotonic lectures exceeding two hours in length are sure to be soporific. Math classes at eight in the morning, long visits with your reticent great grandparents, and listening to your beloved wind on at great length about the troubles of his/her day may all be things which leave you feeling drowsy and are, therefore, soporific. Other examples are peculiar to the individual experiencing them—plane rides, for example, are acutely soporific for some persons but nerve-wracking for others.

While soporific works quite well as an adjective (“The slow walk through the turtle exhibit at the zoo was downright soporific!”), it can also be a noun. A sleeping pill, for example, is a soporific. A massage chair might be a soporific, as are—one rather imagines—most beds.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Mark Jacobs. Mark is a volunteer assistant editor for Jet Fuel Review. He is double-majoring in Physics and Air Traffic Control Management at Lewis, but the left side of his brain is an avid writer. Mark is a junior and works as a ramp traffic controller at O’Hare and at Panera Bread, from which he does not steal dozens of bagels every day. He is also a tutor in Lewis’ Writing Center.

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