Fictional Friday: Under The Dome

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As a fan of Stephen King, I’ve read a lot of his novels, the most recent being his mammoth 1,000 page “Under The Dome”.  With a new television series being made based on it, I can only hope that they stick to the story as it was written.

In the story, the small Maine town of Chester’s Mill is abruptly separated from the outside world be an invisible barrier.  It traps those in the town inside the barrier and prevents anyone from getting in or leaving.  If someone gets too close to the barrier, they will die from the strong shock it gives back.  The story switches viewpoints between a few of the main people in the story, giving a full spectrum of things happening in the town.  As would be expected in a case like this, people start rioting and turning on each other, becoming desperate for a way out of the city, or even just a way to survive.  Because the barrier is only semipermeable, the carbon dioxide isn’t getting released at a proper rate and oxygen is not coming in fast enough, culminating to the end of the novel.  I can’t tell you what happens, you’ll just have to read for yourself.

I really liked this story because even though it’s not really a “new” idea, I like King’s sort of humor and how things play out.  I think that the television series could be very successful, if it stays true to the novel.  There are going to be a lot of “mature” parts, I’m sure, but I’d still rather that it stick to King’s vision than taking something entirely different.

You should read this story if you like any of King’s other novels, suspense, strangeness and things that are just plain wrong and creepy, but still good at the same time.  Until next time, happy reading!

-Lauren Pirc, Assistant Blog Editor

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