Books on Screen: Adaptations That Need to Happen

There are always those books, games or musicals that we wish would be made into stellar movies.  Here’s a few on my list of adaptations that need to happen.


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I talked a lot about this game in Fictional Friday, so I won’t delve into the story too much.  But this game leaves a lot of opportunities for movie adaptation.  Just imagine, seeing the Big Daddies and Little Sisters brought to life.  A fan can only hope that they aren’t CGI’d beyond belief.  Who should be the main character?  Well, I feel like a lesser known name might actually be helpful in this case.  It’d have to be someone that could be in the 2 related stories, but it’d also have to be someone who has a sense of humor and action at the same time.  Get someone like Joss Whedon or Christopher Nolan to direct it and bam, it’ll be all good.  If they were to get Michael Bay, or James Cameron, I’m pretty sure there’d be a riot, not to mention a severe debt and many Transformer references.  So BioShock.  Do it right.


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The book by Gregory Maguire was made into a famous Broadway musical that has swept the nation.  With the recent re-imagining of Oz: The Great and Powerful, it’s only right to have Wicked made into a movie.  I honestly wasn’t all that impressed with Oz, but I think that Wicked could be made into a great movie, especially with the resurgence of musicals.  As far as who to cast, I think going with people that can actually sing is the best way to go.  Lea Michele has played the witch in the musical, so maybe casting her in the role would make sense.  For Glinda, I’m not really sure who I’d choose.  I think a new face or someone from the musical would be good to have in the cast.  I think there are so many amazing things that they can do with the movie in order to integrate the book and the musical better, and I hope that this will happen soon.

Batman: Arkham series

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One of the most iconic superheroes of all time currently holds two of the best trilogies in two separate platforms.  Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Series put a new light on the hero and was a great achievement for fans everywhere.  The Arkham video game series holds a similar notoriety in its own right.  The Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games have already gained so much of a following and there is a lot of hype for the third installment of the series.  If a movie were to be made of this, it would be amazing.  Get Christopher Nolan or Joss Whedon or maybe even Spielberg to direct it and it would be great.  I’d also say to keep Michael Caine as Alfred, but recast pretty much everyone else. Seriously though, it would be an amazing addition and it could lead to some potential Justice League action.

What are some adaptations you’d like to see?  Let us know in the comments!

-Lauren Pirc, Assistant Blog Editor

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