Editor’s Notes #113

Hello, readers! Welcome to this week’s Editor’s Notebook. I hope that you enjoyed this past week of posts at the Jet Fuel blog. First and foremost, I have some exciting news about the spring submission period — it has been extended to March 22nd! So, please send in your art, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry to be considered for submission. Click here to submit to the Jet Fuel Review’s Spring 2013 issue. You have just one more week!

This week began with a Writing Advice post regarding scam warnings in a blog post from Chuck Wendig. It may not be something we’re concerned with most of the time, but as writers turn to publish their work, we need to be careful of scams and tricks that are out there. In his Horror Blog this work, Mike covered the short story Heat by Steve Rasnic Tem. This week’s featured poem from Slate was Late at Nightby Gail Mazur. This week, Lucas’ Film Corner focused on Bigger Than LifeNicholas Ray’s 1965 melodrama.

Mark’s Awesome Word this week was mootAt the end of this week, Linda’s StumbleUpon Ekphrastic post made a return as she wrote a poem inspired by a piece of art that was, in turn, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Lauren’s Fictional Friday post this week talked about Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which are the foundation of many stories — and Disney films — that we all know. And just this morning, our blogger Linda Strahl began a serialized Sherlock Holmes story that includes — of all things — zombies! Be sure to check out this first installment.

Thanks for sticking with us for another week. We hope you stick around for some more posts!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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