Books on Screen: Harry Potter

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One of the most iconic books on screen adaptations has to be the Harry Potter series.  After the first book, I was immediately hooked on the series.  The concept was just so fresh at the time and really expanded my creativity while reading it.  When I found out movies were being made, like all of the other fans, I was ecstatic.  To me, the adaptations have been the most successful and true to the original than any other adaptations, while still exceeding my expectations.

Now, I know what you’re saying, “They didn’t show all the parts from the book in the movie!”  Well, yes, but they’re trying to cram 500-800 pages into a movie that’s a little over 2 hours long.  You’ve got to trim the fat and cut the lines.  Does it still make sense without those parts?  Pretty much.  There’s some background about certain characters that is lost in the process, but it honestly doesn’t detract too horribly much from the story itself.  Could the movies make a little more sense to someone who hasn’t read the books?  There’s always that need, but questions are answered for the most part.

Did they get the casting right?  Absolutely.  Every character was as I imagined them to be.  I think their physical and personality characteristics were spot on for their characters.  I loved all of their interactions, their quirks and the emotions that they brought to the movies.  The series for me was such a thrill, and while it’s sad that it’s “over,” we can watch the adventures as much as we please.

The movies that I particularly liked were both parts of The Deathly Hallows.  I think that the crew did something really smart by splitting up the book into two movies.  The book was long, so it’d make sense to have long movies in order to compensate and intergrate all of the detail necessary.  Plus, it’s the last movie in the series that defined a generation, so they had to make it great.  The movies go so well together, they’re so well done and they have so much detail in them that it’s really hard to say much that’s negative about it.  I loved all of the battle sequences, the emotion, and Neville finally turning into a hero for once.

The Harry Potter series is my favorite adaptation of all time (so far), and I can’t wait to see if anyone else continues the stories of The Boy Who Lived.

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