Writing Advice: Making Time

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Writing takes time. Sometimes that time is spent sitting and staring a blank screen/page while you wait for inspiration. Other times, that time is spent frantically pounding away at the keys or moving your pen as quickly as possible to catch those words as they pour out of you. Either way, it takes time. Time that other people might spend watching television or surfing the internet. Those are perfectly valid ways of spending your time and if those things are important to you, you’re going to make time for them. But, here’s the thing: if writing is important to you, you have to make time for it as well.

There are basically two kinds of writers that I have encountered throughout my life. There are those who expound constantly about the book they “want” to write and lament their “lack” of time to do so. And then there are writers who lock themselves away on weekends and actually get the writing done. What it really comes down to, for me, is a matter of priorities. If you find yourself prioritizing other things above writing time, that’s perfectly fine. Just know that you’re not going to get any writing done and the only person you have to blame is yourself.

However, if you prioritize writing as something that is important to you and something that you want to include in your daily life, words will be written and you will slowly but surely plug away at any project you’re currently working on. But you have to take the initiative, decide that writing is a priority for you, and then make the time.

I know it’s an issue of semantics, but people always seem to say they can’t “find” the time to get any writing done. Well, as the author Nora Roberts once said, “You don’t find time to write. You make time.” If you want to get something written, you’ve got to make the time to do it.

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan


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