Mike’s Horror Blog: “Rain Falls”


Michael Marshall Smith’s “Rain Falls” is, at first appearance, a look into the mundane life of a nameless protagonist who likes to frequent a pub he calls “The Porcupine,” but it’s more that that – it’s an examination of how violence can sweep up anyone, even innocent bystanders.

The title comes from the protagonist’s comparison of a fight breaking out to “rain from clear April skies.” It’s sudden, intense and vanishes quickly, but there’s always someone who ends up bearing the brunt of it. As is the case here: what appears to be a slice-of-life story is actually a werewolf tale – werewolves being the embodiment of primal violence and the raging id.

When the main character stumbles upon the aftermath of the werewolf’s latest feeding, he finds himself in a whole new world, which, as the ending implies, may lead to his death. Again, that’s the nature of violence. It doesn’t discriminate who its victims are. Smith does an excellent job of taking normal situations and injecting them with terror, and I’ll have to be on the lookout for his other work.

— Mike Malan, Blogger

Editor’s Note:  Mike Malan recently graduated from Lewis University with a degree in English with a sub-speciality in Creative Writing.  Mike especially enjoys writing gothic, Poe and all things that chill your bones. He is a dark writer but you can find him dabbling in politics. He is also interested in the editing process and hopes that you will enjoy his work.

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