Discuss: Breaks and Hiatuses


This week, for our discussion post, I thought I would leapfrog off the back of my advice post yesterday. If you missed it, I wrote about taking a break after a long stint of writing. For me, that long stint of writing was National Novel Writing Month, but this could be anything. It could be a lot of writing you’re doing for your classes or personal writing projects that you’ve been committed to for long stretches of time. Whatever the case may be, I think there’s a case to be made for backing away from that project and spending some time away.

But I’m sure there are people who don’t agree with this. Perhaps you feel that the only way to finish something is to keep moving forward and working on it. They might feel that taking a break in the middle would break their stride and possibly hinder their inspiration for actually following through on finishing the project. For these people, a break can be taken when the project is completely finished.

Both of these are completely valid points with lots of evidence to back them up. But which do you subscribe to? Are you a stop-in-the-middle-and-take-a-rest-to-rejuvenate kind of person? Or are you a sprint-until-your-writing-project-is-done kind of person?

Leave your preferences for taking breaks and mini hiatuses in the comments and let’s discuss what works best for us.

— Mary Egan, Jet Fuel Blog Editor

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